How do we optimize our blog content?

2 min readAug 17, 2022


📌 Short URL:

URLs need to clearly describe the content and be shorter than the title. When you update the blog content in the future, you should not need to change the URL 📝

+ Numbers in URLs hurt our SEO…

📌 Image Alt-text:

Since the search engine has no eyes, it cannot see the images, so we need sub-texts to introduce the images to the search engine. We should add alt-text to images by trying different variations/looking at examples for alt-texts.

📌 Meta Description:

The explanation is that we should keep around 150–160 words max. If the sentence is interrupted, it hurts the CTR, which reduces the blog clicks.

+ It should contain our long-tail keyword. We should use the targeted kw for the blog post here as well.

📌 Linking:

It is useful to think for a few minutes when external linking, if you do not direct to really useful content, it may be a better option not to use it.

Internal linking — will help the reader stay, browse, and read more in your content. *binge-reading*

However, too much of anything is bad. Overlinking is also something that both readers and SEOs dislike.

📌 CTA:

Near-the-top CTAs were the best performing CTAs, according to HubSpot’s research. (as CTR)

You can also try this on your blog posts.

  • Just adding a CTA at the end of the blog might not be a great idea because which of us reads the blog with full attention to the end?

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