Must-Known Facts About NFT Marketing: Q&A

3 min readJul 12, 2022

Maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe you’ve been in business for months— but no matter where you are on the timeline, there are always questions that come up.

This quick Q&A can help you through whatever situation you’re in!

1-What exactly is the difference between a whitepaper and a roadmap? How should it be prepared?

What we call a “roadmap” is actually a fictional plan that includes the plans and due dates of the project’s goals.

A whitepaper is a document that offers details about an upcoming project and serves as a guide for investors who want to invest in the project.

If you are an ICO, for example, a whitepaper is presented to potential investors to persuade them to invest in your project and is used to inform their decision-making. The roadmap and whitepaper work together to support each other. The roadmap is part of the whitepaper.

So, how should the whitepaper be prepared?

We should be able to answer the following questions:

1- What does the project aim at?

2-What problems does it solve? Or does it solve it?

3- How does it work? What is the system behind the project?

📌 It should reflect reality / be realistic. Technical review should include technical values and calculations ​​and should be tangible.

So what should a good roadmap look like?

  • Realistic (too abstract goals reduce the credibility of the project)
  • Accessible
  • Timestamped (dates must be specific)
  • Measurable

2- What can you say about the things that “we should definitely do” for social media and marketing for a newly released or an existing NFT collection?

In my opinion, the marketing tactics you need to do are fairly similar. Most forms of digital marketing can also be adapted to NFT marketing. For example, you might prioritize social media content over email marketing, but basically the tactics are the same.

What is the difference?

NFTs are moving much faster than traditional organizations, and customers have more direct contact with you.

They are also your brand’s voice, so it’s important that you prioritize them.

NFT communities’ expectations of projects change very quickly; this isn’t the case with traditional organizations.

These communities will always expect more from you, so you should never stop improving!

What are my recommendations for NFT Marketing?

1- Content on social media, blogs, and websites is ALWAYS crucial. Always check for content quality issues, grammatical mistakes, and tone of voice.

2. Keep an eye on your competitors. What other initiatives accomplish the same goal as yours? Join their discord and look them up on social media.

3- To advertise your idea, you may create videos, AMA (ask me anything) sessions, and spaces.

4-You may speak about your narrative with the media outlets that might be interested in the initiative.

5. Knowing your target market is the most crucial stage in NFT marketing. When you are aware of others’ needs, you can communicate with them successfully.

How useful is producing content on LinkedIn?

It may depend on the audience you’re addressing. But I think LinkedIn is always important. When you produce content for LinkedIn, you should think about who will read it. You shouldn’t use the same tone and expressions in every social media tool.

Should a target audience be determined for NFT collections? If yes, how can we determine it, how should the target analysis be done?

I actually answered this question a moment ago, but if we examine it further:

What does your project aim for? Who does it appeal to? (game, music, trade, cinema etc.)

- You can review existing members who are already interested in your project.
- You can do market research. (Who are the target audiences of other projects in the market? Who are the community members?)

-Of course, other targeting tactics will also work, you should shape these methods according to yourself! ✍🏻

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